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Agitator - JET


Guiding turret designed to facilitate the maintenance of the seal

At the heart of the most strategic process – Download technical brochure

The stirrer with guiding turret is a Type JET HIGH TECHNOLOGY agitator, designed to work in the heart of the most strategic processes in the chemical, petrochemical or pharmaceutical industries, where conditions of service are often extreme: tanks under very high pressure (up to 180 bars) and high temperatures (up to 300 ° C), mixing of corrosive, acid, volatile, viscous and explosive products…


Chemical reaction, heat transfer,  crystallization, fermentation. In chemistry, petrochemistry, oïl & gas industries…

Performance of the JET guiding turret

  • supports motorization (up to 200 kW)
  • houses the mechanical seal box with integrated bearing and auxiliary system for the side extraction of the seal box
  • makes it easy to access to housing, sealing
  • allows removal of the sealing system. A technician can quickly perform this operation without disassembling the engine or agitation.
  • ATEX Certification


The  JET guiding turret is FGS 400 iron; agitation can be steel, stainless steel, alloys (Hastelloy type for example) or coated with rubber (eg ebonite) plastic or steel.


With the JET system and jack removal, a technician can carry out an operation on the mechanical seal in less than four hours, this operation being performed safely for the operator.

  • fabrication verre synthétique

    manufacturing synthetic glass

  • cuve de stockage produits pétroliers

    petroleum products storage tank

  • Fabrication de parfums

    Manufacture of perfumes

JET guiding turret

You can observe in those pictures the various stages of disassembly of the sealing with the housing lateral extraction system provided in JET guiding turret, using the jack for safe handling by  technician.

  • premiere_phase_de_demontage

    1st phase of dismantling

  • desaccouplement_de_l_arbre_de_commande

    disengaging the drive shaft

  • arbre_de_commande_desaccouple_et_cale

    shaft decoupled control and stalled

  • extraction_laterale_du_boitier_a_l_aide_du_cric

    extraction side of the box with the jack

  • boiter_etancheite_pret_pour_maintenance_ou_remplacement

    seal housing loan for maintenance or replacement

The disassembly, maintenance and reassembly of the seal housing can be performed when the tank is empty or full.

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