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Agitator - DIGIMIX


DIGIMIX - Industrial agitator for digestion tank

An agitator installed in a digestion tank suspends sludge and avoids the formation of a floating film. That film could prevent biogas from rising to the top of the tank.


DIGIMIX - Agitator for sludge digestion and sludge methanization

Sludge coming from waste water plants is full of methane and is also called biogas. Sludge is transformed - through digestion or methanization - in order to :

  • reduce its volume around 30% to 40%
  • purify and deodorize it. Methanization takes place in a heated tank (digestion or methanization tank up to 15,000 m³) where an agitator rotates to separate methane from sludge.

MIXEL has designed a new agitator - called DIGIMIX - for equipping those tanks:

  • top entry agitator with 2 levels of propellers (the geometry of TTF propellers increases the energetic efficiency of DIGIMIX and avoids tow retention)
    Propeller - details

    Propeller - details

  • agitation shaft up to 25 m
  • hydraulic seal without wearing parts
  • guiding turret with conical rollers bearings to guide very long agitation shafts
  • motor power up to 37 kW


MIXEL has equipped more than 5000 m³ digestion tanks with agitators, as well in France than in Morocco or in Algeria. For getting more information about those new agitators, please call our Environment Department Ph. 33 4 72 52 18 18 or upload DIGIMIX brochure.


Digimix : Industrial agitator for digestion tank

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