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Agitator - SEALMIX


Agitator with sealingTop entry agitator with sealing. A simple and economic design. Download technical brochure

For all processes in chemical, pharmaceutical, food-processing industries or cosmetics. Sealmix agitator is a simple and economic top entry agitator with lip seal system + oil leakage deflector. It is perfectly adapted to many various production operations such as blending, storage, dispersion, dissolution, suspending solids, fermentation, emulsion or chemical reaction. Sealmix with lip seal system operates in temperature up to 130°C and with inside tank pressure up to 1,5 bars.


Blending, storage, dispersion, dissolution, suspending solids, fermentation, emulsion or chemical reaction in ATEX or non-ATEX environment.


- Drive head + sealing system + flange assembly is standardized - This assembly is suitable to all agitation shafts diameters up to 120 mm - Angular bevel geared motor, power up to 22 kW.


Agitation part is made of carbon steel, of stainless steel, of alloy (such as Hastelloy or Uranus) or of plastic (Halar) coated steel in order to resist to corrosion and / or abrasion of substances mixed in tank.

Special features

- Available in 5 to 6 weeks from order confirmation. - As an OPTION: removable cartridge for lip seal replacement without shaft or flange dismantling.

SEALMIX ATEX Certification

MIXEL has got EC-type examination certificate LCIE 12 ATEX 3090X for ATEX agitators equipped with lip-seal and without temperature probe (in 0, 1 & 2 ATEX areas). An innovating, simple and economical design: thanks to this system, risks and costs of probe maintenance are removed. Lip-seal can favourably replace single dry mechanical seal in ATEX areas. This is a perfectly adapted solution to various industrial processes that has already been tested and approved by many production plants.

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