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Agitator - AGIPRO


Practical and economic agitator

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The Purposes

Standard agitator for All liquid mixtures: tank volume from 0.5 m³ to 8 m³ and viscosity from 1 to 4000 cpo.

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WATER TREATMENT Conditioning in tanks Reagent preparation (polymers, lime milk…) Coagulation
INDUSTRIAL EFFLUENT TREATMENT Neutralisation, Ajustement de Ph, NeutralizationPh adjustmentUrea preparation
PAINT, COATING Paint preparation Aqueous Phase
PAPER INDUSTRY Varnish preparation (starch dyes)
OTHER INDUSTRIES¨ FOOD PROCESSING¨ CHEMISTRY¨ COSMETICS¨… All products must be placed in suspension prior to injection in the process

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The Range

4Multi-purpose4Optimum efficiency4Easy to handle 4Four sizes4Stainless Steel4Delivery in 2 weeks

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The Accessories

Four accessories are available for AGIPRO standard agitator. These accessories are chosen regarding final use and size of agitator.

  • pince

    stainless steel clamp for fastening on tank edge (only for AP 125, AP 250 and AP 400 ).

  • embase

    stainless steel flange for fastening on tank roof

  • trav

    special galvanised steel holder for 1000 litres container

  • turbine

    4 blade turbine

The performances

Choose the right standard agitator AGIPRO, regarding volume of the tank (from 0.5 to 8 m³) to be equipped and viscosity (from 1 to 4000 cps) of the product to be blended.


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