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Agitators: Thermal exchange

Heat transfer or heat exchange results in agitation by heating or cooling the product mixed or stored in a tank.
The principle is simple: the hottest item / product transfers energy to the colder item / product.
The heat exchange is carried out either on the internal surface of the tank or on the surface of coils immersed in the product.

BOTTOM JET - bottom entry agitator with guiding turret
SIDE JET - side entry agitator, with guiding turret, for large volume tanks
Agitator RAPID MIX - speed agitator - 1500 or 3000 rev / min - for dispersion of powders
RIG - agitator with sealing for ultra-clean environment
CONTRAMIX - Agitator with counter-rotating twin or triple movement
JET - top entry agitator with guiding turret

Heat transfer applications

Many sectors of activity integrate heat transfer into their manufacturing processes, for example: heating to facilitate a reaction (chemistrycrystallization), cooling to keep a product as it is (agrifood), heating to generate a change in state (pharmacy – gel phase to liquid phase of eye drops) etc …

Agitators to suit your needs

Mixel agitators optimize the performance of the heat transfer process by improving the contact between the product contained in the tank and the walls of this tank or the surfaces of the tubes immersed in the product.
The Mixel JET, SIDEJET, Agimag, Sealmix agitator ranges are particularly efficient in heat exchange and heat transfer operations.

Our references in the heat transfer area

Many customers acquire our agitators to carry out their heat exchange operations: SNF, Rhodia, Arkema, Solvay, Solarec, Coatex, Inovyn, Calyxia …
We design and manufacture tailor-made agitators, defined according to your specifications.


Contact us now via our online form to tell us about your heat transfer project.

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