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Mixel provides cutting-edge industrial agitators and tank mixers worldwide. You can find further information about our agitators and our company below.

Horizontal agitator: a custom solution according to your needs

Mixel offers you a wide range of industrial agitators for all types of activities. Whether you are operating in the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical sector, in bioindustries or biofuels, or in environment industry Mixel is able to provide you custom and efficient horizontal agitators.

Fermentation, methanization, coagulation, emulsion, crystallization, dissolution… Our industrial agitators can blend all types of mixtures, whatever your limits.

For any question about our solutions or our services, you can contact us via this link.

Focus on our Sidejet horizontal agitator

The Sidejet horizontal agitator has been designed and manufactured to blend mixtures in large tanks, up to 50,000 m². Especially used in the petrochemical industry and the water treatment sector, this industrial agitator can blend all types of components such as industrial effluents, oil additives, hydrocarbons and more.

You can find further information about this horizontal agitator via the link hereby.

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  • 1969 creation of Mixel
  • 45 000 Agitators installed in the world
  • 2 production sites Lyon-France, Pékin-Chine
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