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Static mixer design

Mixel’s introduction on static mixer design

Static mixer designs vary according to the type of fluid inside. The continuous mixing of the engineering device guaranty a homogenisation of liquids, but there are different shapes and moves whether it is mixing gas, minerals or organic matters.

Made of metal and/or plastic, the static mixer design is meant to deliver two streams of fluid, in order to create a smooth liquid. The non-moving elements blend the material.

Static mixer design properties

2 types of flow are made by a helical static mixer design

- In a radial mixing, the material is processed in its own hydraulic center channel. As a consequence, the rotation eliminates every radial gradient in temperature or velocity.

- In a flow division, the liquid follows the channels made by the shapes of the mixer. Each canal is then divided and increases the number of striations.

Static mixer design is very important in the blending process as it is the main elements that determine the right circulation of fluid materials.

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