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Agitators: Biofuels

Mixel offers a wide range of mixers and tailor-made mixing solutions adapted to the production of biofuels:

HYDROMIX - FLOCMIX - simple and strongly built top entry mixer
JET - top entry agitator with guiding turret

Fields of application of agitators for the biofuel industry:

Mixel agitators equip major biofuel production sites at all stages of the industrial process, from production stage up to final storage.

Biofuels are obtained from wheat, sugar beet, rapeseed, vegetable oils.

During the production of biofuels, bioethanol and biodiesels, our agitators transform, assemble, homogenize and store multiple ingredients: oil, catalyst, methanol, glycerin, hydrochloric acid, soda, yeast wort, saccharified wort, vinasses, filter earths, gums, nitric acid, fermentation nutrients, starch milk, impregnation liquor.

Agitators to suit your needs:

The agitator is defined by Mixel’s commercial designers. Definition is based on many parameters: purpose of agitation, volume to be agitated, rheological characteristics of the products to be mixed, operating and environmental conditions.

Integrated into biofuel production lines, Mixel mixing devices fulfill a number of functions: esterification, mixing and heat transfer, neutralization, washing, dispersion, fermentation and pre-fermentation, homogenization, dissolution, storage, maturation.

Agitators that meet your requirements:

Biofuels, bioethanol and biodiesel plants are subject to regulations related to the safety of people and goods and for many come under European Directive 2014/34 / EU or ATEX 95 for equipment intended to operate in ATEX zone.

Mixed products are explosive, volatile, viscous and subjected to extreme operating conditions such as high pressures and / or high temperatures.

We design and manufacture our mixing devices in accordance with the ATEX directive in materials selected according to the characteristics of your products, and set them up with advanced sealing systems.

Our references in the biofuel industry:

The key players in biofuel production trust MIXEL stirrers and mixing devices:


We design and manufacture tailor-made agitators, defined according to your specifications. We manufacture new equipment but also upgrade your existing agitators to adapt them either to new tanks or to tanks already in your possession or to bring them into compliance with the ATEX directive.

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  • IN BRIEF...
    • 1969 creation of Mixel
    • 45 000 Agitators installed in the world
    • 2 production sites Lyon-France, Pékin-Chine
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