AgribusinessSTATMIX – static mixer for mixing online

STATMIX – static mixer for mixing online



Static mixers

Static mixer is used to blend "online" low viscosity liquids together. Startic mixer transfers fluids while blending them. For liquids up to 6000 cps of viscosity, with no or very few solid particles.

Industries concerned

Water treatment, food processing, chemistry, petrochemistry.


  • blending
  • dilution
  • homogenization
  • heat transfer


Up to 75 bars


  • Stainless Steel
  • Special alloys

Hydraulic characteristics

TYPEInflow rate m³/hourCrossing velocity m/sReynolds NbrPressure drop
STATMIX 40-300-4470,841,4834489603570,511,50
STATMIX 50-400-46110,771,4140358739900,461,46
STATMIX 65-450-49160,811,4450686901080,421,38
STATMIX 80-550-414250,821,46634241132570,381,18
STATMIX 100-750-424440,811,49828481518870,371,18
STATMIX 125-900-438660,821,421046331817320,361,15
STATMIX 150-1100-4551000,821,491260062291020,361,06
STATMIX 200-1400-4951600,821,38165409785830,321,02
STATMIX 250-1800-41502600,821,422080063605440,310,98
STATMIX 300-2100-42103800,811,462444284422980,300,92

Dimensional characteristics

TYPE Connection with turning flangesDismountable partTotal lengthWeightInjection pittingTotal LengthWeight
STATMIX 40-300-4PN 10 DN 4043003DN 153503,3
STATMIX 50-400-4PN 10 DN 5044004,5DN 154504,8
STATMIX 65-450-4PN 10 DN 6544506,5DN 155007
STATMIX 80-550-4PN 10 DN 80455020DN 2570023
STATMIX 100-750-4PN 10 DN 100475030DN 2590035
STATMIX 125-900-4PN 10 DN 125490045DN 25110052
STATMIX 150-1100-4PN 10 DN 1504110065DN 32130075
STATMIX 200-1400-4PN 10 DN 20041400120DN 321650130
STATMIX 250-1800-4PN 10 DN 25041800195DN 402050215
STATMIX 300-2100-4PN 10 DN 30042100285DN 402350310
  • IN BRIEF...
    • 1969 creation of Mixel
    • 45 000 Agitators installed in the world
    • 2 production sites Lyon-France, Pékin-Chine
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