Agitators to measurePOTENCE – Agitator on support – Fixed or movable

POTENCE – Agitator on support – Fixed or movable


Agitator on support - Fixed or movable


Food industry, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, perfumery, light chemicals, paint industries...


Production by batches - 
Liquid and liquid emulsion - 
 blending of liquid with powder
 - Making of drugs, syrup, chocolate, sauce, aroma, glue, fungicide, coating solution, paint...

Agitator on support - Design


Motorization power up to 15 kw
 - Liquid to viscous products - 
 ATEX certification of agitator and support for working in explosion risk areas - 
 Rapid or slow speed - 
Propeller, 45° blade turbine, dispersion turbine, rotor stator...


Support made of polished or not polished stainless steel - 
Agitation (shaft and propeller ) made of carbon steel, stainless steel, special alloy, coated...for other materials, contact us


Fixed support
 - Moving support on wheels, to be shifted from a tank to another
 - Pneumatic, hydraulic, electric or manual (with crank) raising and lowering system - 
Agitator with electric, hydraulic or pneumatic motorization - 
Control box (on / off, emergency button, speed display, timer...)

Agitator on support - Safety and surroundings


To protect machines and operators:
 Tank detection probes - 
Liquid detection probes
 - Safety hood
 - Arms for maintaining tank
 - Protection of rotating parts


Mixel analyses risks, according to the customer's specifications.
Thanks to results of risks analysis, Mixel chooses right motorization, agitation, guiding system, electrical case, safety accessories (probes for example). Risks analysis guarantees that agitator and support are in compliance with ATEX standards.
Each component of agitator and support is ATEX certified, coming from especially chosen suppliers.

pharmaceutical agitator chemical agitator
  • 1969 creation of Mixel
  • 45 000 Agitators installed in the world
  • 2 production sites Lyon-France, Pékin-Chine
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